Kea, also known as Tzia, is an island of the Cyclades very close to Attica. The capital of the island is Ioulis, whereas the central port is Korissia. A charachteristic feature of the architecture of the island is “stegadi”, which also comprises the name of the agency.

“STEGADI” is a travel agency located at a central spot in Korissia. It provides service to visitors connecting Kea with the port of Lavrio in Attica with the ferry boats MARMARI EXPRESS, ARTEMIS and HELLENIC HIGHSPEED, the latter two also connecting Kea with other Cycladian islands.


  • Ferries schedule

  • Hiking Trails

    The trails of Kea are unique. This caused the interest of the Cultural Department of the Prefecture of Cyclades, which started a big effort with the director Tassos Anastasiou to make them known to the public by naming them “trails of Cultural Interest”.

  • Discover the island of Kea

    The island of Kea is not so well known to the public, such as other touristic islands of Cyclades. A short reference to the sights of the island is enough to convince those who love nature and the character of the Greek islands to visit Kea and enjoy its beauties.